“Children of St. Petersburg” is a volunteer-based NGO, providing cultural and educational programs for children. We want every child to become involved into the life of the society, to cooperate with the people around, to be aware of the rights of the child, and to have opportunities for personal growth. All our classes and activities are free for children of any nationality and social status.

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Courses of Russian language and pre-school help for migrant children

We formed our initiative group in 2012 – it was just several people, who were concerned with the hardships, which migrant children encounter in St. Petersburg, and wanted to help. Half a year later we opened the NGO and named it “Children of St. Petersburg”. Our main target group is children of labour immigrants from Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan), but the courses are open for children of any nationalities.

Courses of Russian language and pre-school help are held regularly in libraries and other educational centres in different city districts, 1-3 times a week depending on a centre. Besides, we want to help out students to form the habit of participation in cultural life of the city. Thus, every month we try to organize excursions, to go to theatres and museums. We also implement continuous search for new students, trying to reach out for the most socially excluded families, where children don’t attend schools and kindergartens. And, of course, we help parents to enrol their children in schools, consulting them on the needed documents, and if families are unreasonably rejected in schools or educational committees, or if parents don’t know Russian at all, we go there with them to help them protect their rights.

This project is crucial for our organization.

Statistics since spring 2012 (at the moment of autumn 2016):

– More than 550 students, average length of attending by one child – 2 months;
– More than 150 volunteers, average length of work – 5 months;
– More than 1400 classes and 40 outdoor events were held.


Scholarship program of the Roma Education Fund

Roma Education Fund supports Roma students, pursuing Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degrees in Law and Humanities at state-accredited universities. Annually an open call for applications is announced for Roma students from Russia, Ukraine or Moldova, who study in an accredited institution of higher education.

“Children of St. Petersburg” coordinate implementation of the scholarship program in Russia. For more details please contact our coordinator Maria Musatova:

+7 921 434-83-39, musatova.maria@romaeducationfund.org


One-year programs we implemented

Solving conflicts and cartoon animation

In 2015 we held series of trainings on cartoon animation for schoolchildren, and for our students – migrant children. In the framework of the program children had trainings on solving conflicts and created simple cartoons on this topic. Finally, we held a festival “Multivision”. We invited all the children, who participated in the program. Children watched all the cartoons and themselves chose the winners in different nominations. The winners received figurines and books.


Photoproject with Roma children

In 2014 we held interactive classes on photography in Roma settlements in Vsevolozhskii district and in Chudovo. As a result we published a photo-brochure. It includes both the photos of children and of volunteers. Besides, we held lectures and discussions, dedicated to the history and culture of the Roma, and to the topic of overcoming discrimination and segregation of Roma people.

You can see the photo-brochure here


Human rights education

Also in 2014 we provided interactive trainings on the rights of the children. Our volunteers have held dozens of trainings at schools, children summer camps, orphanages; in libraries – for migrant children, students of our courses, and even in Roma settlements. Besides, with children’s drawings we designed and printed a calendar for 2015, which illustrates 12 different provisions of the Convention. As a conclusion of the project an interactive festival for children was held, dedicated to the 25-th Anniversary of the Convention.


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