“Gul” is a newspaper for women from Central Asia and members of their families. Production of the newspaper pursues the following goals: raising awareness, education and human rights protection. This project was founded by an initiative group of young women, formed on the basis of “Children of Petersburg” NGO.

From Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, гул / gul / gül is translated as “flower”. For us, a flower is a symbol of wisdom, strength and spiritual beauty. It overcomes obstacles and makes the world brighter.

The newspaper’s team consists of girls and women from Central Asia and Russia. We share our experience of living in St. Petersburg, tell where seek help in this or that situation, what to do in case of non-payment of salaries, how to recognize domestic violence, we discuss topics related to raising children and spending leisure time.

We invite girls and women with migration experience to participate as authors of articles, illustrators, translators, distributors of newspapers! The work is paid for. Our group in vk: vk.com/gazetagul