01.06.2017 Activists of the Newspaper Gul Congratulated the Young Citizens of St. Petersburg on the Children’s Day

Tens of thousands of children of migrant workers live in Petersburg. At their arrival, they face language and social isolation. It’s hard when you are brought in an unfamiliar city, you do not know the language, you’re not enrolled in any school, you don’t have any friend, and your parents are at work all day long.

It is important to have a place to go. For some children, «Children of Petersburg» becomes this place. There, you will see, you’ll become friend with someone, learn Russian (at least you’ll get into the language environment), and, looking at your successes, your parents will finally decide to give you to school.

We would like all children, including migrants and new comers, boys and girls, to have equal opportunities in life. And on the Children’s Day, we decided to offer to children paper dolls, in which the world is represented exactly like that. Migrant children lack role models, in cartoons and children’s books they only see children with Russian names. They can believe that only native citizens can be successful and achieve goals. We tried to restore balance, so among our dolls there are not only Katya, Anton and Anna, but also Sitora, Dilya and Alibek. In addition, gender stereotypes are even stronger in the migrant community than in the Russian society in general, so it was important for us to show that girls can also become firefighters, engineers and biologists.

Children were surprised by such a sudden gift, and adults were happy and remembered how they also played with paper dolls in their childhood. On the eve of the holiday, we distributed a hundred sets of beautiful colored dolls, along with the fifth edition of the newspaper “Gul”.