22.12.2014 First Animation Workshop in “Transit” Orphanage

Photoalbum: Animation workshop in “Transit” orphanage

Photo by Elena Deino

Today we had our first animation workshop for children. We were helping the children from “Transit” orphanage in Kurlyandskaya street to make the first pictures of their own future cartoon.
Certainly, one short workshop is not enough to make a good, long animation. Though this time was enough for us to tell the children how a cartoon can be made, and also to show it. Then the children created the plot themselves and drew the first draft pictures. The plot is really philosophical: that’s a fairy-tale about a child who used to harm all the animals in the forest, and only when the animals disappeared because of the child’s actions, and the forest became invaded by a great number of insects which became a threat to the child, then he started to understand everything and finally eliminated his mistakes.

The children made the main background and several characters, and also created the 19 second video which was the very beginning of the cartoon. Actually, this is not easy at all, as we had to choose 232 photos for that. But the paper birds, which “become alive” on the screen thanks to a special program, are worth that. Unfortunately, the background was of different shades, since the children accidentally moved the animation box, which changed the lighting. But this is just a test video. This is not final, and we’re planning to come back to “Transit” and create the whole cartoon.

If you want to help children in making cartoons, too – join us!

12.12.2014 Meeting on Volunteer Day

Here are some belated photos from our volunteer meeting on the International Volunteer Day.

We were planning to watch some movie and talk, but our volunteer Andrey Yakimov brought a board game on the life of labor migrants in Russia (Andrey is one of the creators of the game), and when we started playing, we couldn’t think about any films any more.
The game is very realistic and detailed. We will certainly use it in our activities.
So, actually, the Volunteer Day was not only interesting, but also useful.
Join our team, too!

10.12.2014 Photography Exhibition “The Invisible World of the Minorities Through the Eyes of Children” and Lecture “Roma Communities in Russia”

The photos which were first presented on the 22nd of November during the celebration of the anniversary of the Convention on the rights of the child were also presented at the exhibition “The Invisible World of the Minorities Through the Eyes of Children”, which will take place until the end of January.

The exhibition was opened at on the 10th of December, the Human Rights Day.

There was an inspiring lecture from the experts who have been working with Roma people for many years. The visitors of the exhibition watched the photos created by children and volunteers in Roma settlements, and other places.

We hope this event will help to dispel the myths and learn a little more.

The exhibition will be open until the end of January 2015.

It takes place at the “Open space” of “Election Observers of St. Petersburg” NGO, Dostoevskogo street, 34.

There’s someone there almost all the time during daytime and in the evenings, but to make sure you don’t see a closed door, please, watch the schedule here http://vk.com/fair_elections before you go, or contact us before you go there.

You can see some photos from the exhibition here.

See the photo-brochure here

05.12.2014 Happy International Volunteer Day!

Today we’re celebrating International Volunteer Day!
We’d like to congratulate everyone and to say something meaningful.
There’s one obvious fact, though it sounds a bit like a cliché, but that’s the truth: the work of “Children of St. Petersburg” is not possible without volunteers.
Thank you so much for your hard work, which is so needed.
Have a good luck, be successful in our difficult activity, and, of course, be happy!

04.12.2014 New Place for Photography Exhibition “The Invisible World of the Minorities Through the Eyes of Children”

The 10th of December is the International human rights day. In Kiribati Republic, for instance, this day is a non-working day, and in Lebanon the symphony orchestra is playing overtures, dedicated to the human rights.

For us, the citizens of North-Western region, it would make sense to think about the life of thousands of our neighbors, of whom we actually know nothing, and have no idea, if their rights are respected. For instance, we could think about the children and adults from the Roma communities in Verkhnii Oselki and Chudovo, where Roma settlements are located, and where life is organized hierarchically and traditionally.

How to help children and teenagers tell about their lives, having just limited opportunities for that? We have chosen a photo project which provides freedom to children in capturing the most important moments of their lives.

On the 10th of December the photos which were first presented at the celebration of the anniversary of the Convention of the rights of the child, will be presented at the exhibition “The Invisible World of the Minorities Through the Eyes of Children”. The exhibition will take place until the end of January.

Volunteers, who visited Roma settlements during spring and summer 2014 will tell the stories of the photos. Besides, the experts, who have more than 10 years of experience of communication and interaction with Roma communities in Russia for the protection of their rights, will give a lecture and answer the questions. This is really worth listening to.
We are waiting for you on Wednesday, 10th of December, at 19.00 in “Open space” of “Election Observers of St. Petersburg” NGO, Dostoevskogo street, 34.

Join us on Vk: http://vk.com/event81899425
or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/childrenofstpetersburg

See the photo-brochure here