29.12.2015 MultiVision

Recently we’ve summed up the results of our “Human Rights Through Cartoon Making” trainings, and we’ve had a competition of cartoons made by children – MultiVision.
Here you can find some photos of this event and cartoons which won award in the following categories:
Grand Prix – cartoon “We All Have a Kind Soul”
Unique decision – cartoon “The Strength of the Soup”
Best animation – cartoon “Alarm at the Sea Bottom”
Best script – cartoon “Misfaith”
MultiOscar (audience choice award) – cartoon “Boasters”
Please enjoy watching them!



23.12.2015 New Year Party

There can’t be too many New Year parties! Last Sunday Red Cross volunteers made an amazing party for all the children there. There were real Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, the Flowers Fairy and the robbers, the Snow Queen and the Kind Wizard.
Our volunteers have been teaching Russian to children twice a week in the wonderful Red Cross halls at Millionnaya street (for already 3 years!), and, of course, these children were also invited to the party. It was really fun, and everyone got the presents.
We are very thankful to the Red Cross for organizing the party.

Please, watch the photos by Ekaterina Belyankina

22.12.2015 Concert at the Children’s Library

The concert at the children’s library at Bolshevikov prospect was successful!
The group of children at this library has been learning the whole year how to sing some famous children’s songs together with their teacher Irina Makalovskaya. They’ve been also learning how to play some traditional Russian musical instruments. Children have prepared and organized a real New Year concert in December. The children have sung a dozen of songs, and also danced a traditional Kyrgyz dance.


21.12.2015 Party at Upsala Circus

Our volunteer coordinator Julia tells us about her experience at Upsala-Circus:
“I’ve been at one of the Christmas parties at Upsala-Circus a couple of years ago. After that I started visiting all of their events. They have a wonderful atmosphere there – it’s fun there, and at the same time, it’s very simple and cosy. And more than that, Upsala is a social project for teenagers from risk families, so, you can imagine what an amazing place this Circus at Sverdlovskaya naberezhnaya is.

Though, it’s better to experience it once, than to imagine it dozen times. That’s why our students visited the New Year party “We shared the tangerine” there last Saturday, and then participated in the workshop, and children got a jar of delicious tangerine jam. And children also got books from “Children of St. Petersburg” NGO as New Year presents. There was a full house at the party – 19 children and teenagers, and also their parents, sisters and brothers.


19.12.2015 Volunteer Meeting

Today we had our traditional volunteer meeting which takes place every month. We gathered at our friends’ place – “Ostrovok” youth risk center. We discussed the methods of informal education, spoke about difficulties which we face in the process of communication with children, discussed which methods and approaches are the most effective, and just shared our emotions and impressions.


15.12.2015 Animation Training in School #35

Last weekend we had our traditional animation training on conflict solving in school 35 of Vasileostrovsky district.
We’d like to share the results of the training with you – these are the cartoons “Motivation” and “Sport is life”. Please, enjoy!


09.12.2015 Musical Classes

Our volunteer Irina Makalovskaya carries out musical classes every Monday at the children’s library at Bolshevikov prospect. Children sing about Buratino, Antoshka, valenki-valenki, the little wizard and other nice songs, and they also play musical instruments. Children are so enthusiastic about singing, and they are waiting for their own concert on Saturday, 12 of December, at 16.00, at the library. There’s free entrance, so everyone’s invited.



08.12.2015 Fair of Wonders

Our bright, loud and amazing “Fair of Wonders” came to an end. “Children of St. Petersburg” NGO has gathered 6,320.6 rubles (six thousand three hundred twenty rubles and sixty kopecks). The most usual donation there was 100 rubles – there were 33 one-hundred-ruble banknotes. This money will be used to support the work of our volunteer courses of Russian for migrant children (textbooks, office supplies, tickets to museums and theaters, work of supervisor who helps volunteers with teaching children, etc.). Besides, we have distributed more than a hundred leaflets and photo-books “The World of Invisible Minorities Through the Eyes of the Children” about the life of Roma children, and we’ve also carried out two workshops on making snowflakes from acrylic threads.
The most important thing, however, was that the Fair was a wonderful team-building event for us. So many volunteers and students participated, that the list of people to thank will be a long one. So, we are very thankful to:

  • Teachers Nastya Obumova, Polina Peremitina, and Alina Starodumova for helping at the Fair;
  • Teachers Tatyana Kuzmina, Ksenia Grishnyakova, and Alina Starodumova for bringing their students from the libraries at Komendantsky, Stremyannaya, and Bolshevikov to the Fair;
  • Special thanks to Ksenia Grishnyakova for making two dozens of cutest Christmas tree decorations;
  • Irina Gurina for teaching our students how to make wonderful snowflakes, and Vera Dolgova for teaching them how to make Christmas balls;
  • Our students Diera Nazarboeva, Iroda, and Mardjona for carrying out a workshop on making snowflakes at the Fair;
  • Teacher Nadezhda Koroleva and her students Durdona and Nozima for preparing and carrying out the workshop on making Christmas cards;
  • Our student Shoira Dovudova and her mother Shiruya for preparing the poster and fairy lights for decoration;
  • Sonya Lyubarova and the team of “Eternal Spring” candy-makers for the delicious cupcakes and ginger bread;
  • Ksenia Grishnyakova and Masha Lyubimova for making photos;
  • Our cartoon-maker Artem Orlov for inspiring us for participation in the Fair, and sharing his ideas.


05.12.2015 We are Always Happy to See New Volunteers in Our Team

Dear volunteers of “Children of St. Petersburg”. You give us a reason to thank you for everything almost every day, but today, on the international volunteer day, we would like to thank you again.

Thank you for your generous work, your aspiration for constant personal growth and learning something new, for your attention to our little students and absence of prejudice. Special thanks to you from our students and from all the citizens who want to live in a peaceful city!

And, of course, we are always happy to have new volunteers in our team! You don’t necessarily need to be a teacher to become a volunteer of “Children of St. Petersburg”. We need different help! If you want to join our team, please, contact our volunteer coordinator Julia – school@detipeterburga.ru

04.12.2015 Training for our Volunteer Teachers

Last weekend we had a meeting for our volunteer teachers with supervisor Galina Rogozhkina, a specialist in children’s speech and Russian language. Galina has been teaching Russian for migrant children in school 624.
Galina has also been helping our volunteer teachers at the classes: during several months she has been visiting one teaching places every week, to watch the classes, discuss them with the teacher and give recommendations.
If you would like to become our volunteer, but you are afraid that you don’t have enough knowledge and skills – don’t be afraid! Just join our team, and we’ll provide recommendations and assistance!