15.12.2016 The First Distribution of the Newspaper “Gul”

Yesterday the first distribution of the newspaper “Gul” took place! And, as it seems to us, it was more than successful. Three women from the newspaper team distributed 200 newspapers at the United Migration Center at Krasnogo Tekstilschika for two and a half hours. Newspapers were distributed purposefully to women from Central Asia. One of the distributors asked men from Central Asia if they had a wife or sister, and if they did, she asked them to give them the newspaper. The most common reaction of those who took the newspaper is surprise.

Of course, we are seriously thinking about increasing the number of copies, starting with the next issue (now there are 999 of them). But let’s see how long it takes to hand out all the newspapers. We want to distribute it in different discticts, and, probably, in other places it will go slower. We invite women with migration experience to take part in the project (the work is paid). Everyone else is also invited as volunteer. And, of course, join the project – write articles, translate, and learn the layout!


13.12.2016 Watching “The Sleeping Beauty” Ballet

On Sunday we went to watch the ballet “The Sleeping Beauty” at the Mikhailovsky Theater. There were five children and one mother. For the 15-year-old Islam, this was basically the first time, he has visited a theater in his entire life, although he has been attending school in Russia for several years. For his 5-year-old cousin Zukhra – too. And for everyone else – it was the first time, they have watch a classical ballet. Contrary to what we might have feared, no one was bored. They came from the performance very happy. Moreover, with gifts. We are very grateful to Olga Belanova for the tickets.


12.12.2016 The First Issue of the Newspaper for Women From Central Asia “Gul”

Assalamu aleikum!

The first edition of the newspaper for women from Central Asia “Gul” was issued. Today, it is still an information leaflet, not a full-length newspaper, but it is planned to expand. The Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Azerbaijani, Kazakh word gul / gül means “flower”. For us, a flower is a symbol of wisdom, strength and spiritual beauty. The flower grows no matter what. It overcomes obstacles and makes the world brighter. The newspaper’s team are girls and women from Central Asia and Russia.

We invite you to participate in the project! For December, we need newspaper distributors, translators to Uzbek, Tajik, Kyrgyz, and also illustrators. For paid vacancies, we invite first of all girls and women with migration experience, but we also welcome volunteers. In addition, we will be glad to see you at our free classes on the design of the newspaper. Please tell about this project to everyone who might be interested.

We are just starting the issue of the newspaper and will be happy to receive feedback!

The newspaper group in VKontakte


12.12.2016 Welcome to the Methodology Meeting for Volunteer Teachers!

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, a methodology meeting of teachers of “Children of Petersburg” will be held. It’ll take place in our beloved “Open space” on Dostoevsky, 34 (in the courtyard and to the right), at 19-30. We will discuss the main methodological principles of language teaching and the structure of the lesson. We will share methodological developments. This meeting will be interesting not only to the active volunteers of “Children of Petersburg”, but also to all those who are interested in activities and want to learn more about it. The meeting will be interesting both for beginners without pedagogical experience and for practicing teachers.


10.12.2016 Brochure on Work with Labor Migrants

Our colleagues, the PSP Foundation, published a brochure on project management techniques for and with labor migrants. They will distribute the brochure in different regions of Russia. In particular, the brochure highlights the experience of the Red Cross, the PSP Foundation and our organization – “Children of Petersburg”. Taking this opportunity, we recall the very informative website for migrant workers in Russia, created by the PSP Foundation – migrussia.ru.

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05.12.2016 Working Hard Even on Volunteer Day

If you wonder what to do if you came to teach a lesson, but the library temporarily took away the table, ask our volunteers! Today, on Volunteer Day, we had classes in the libraries on Gorokhovaya and Lomonosovskaya. Holiday is a holiday, but work is on. Cheers to the volunteers!


05.12.2016 Happy Volunteer Day!

Today is a wonderful day – Volunteer Day! “Children of St. Petersburg” congratulates and thanks all those who during those 4.5 years organized extracurricular activities, distributed leaflets, worked for the website (special thanks to people who made it), distributed information, helped in some other way and, of course, conducted classes for our children. And for those who are considering to join the organization, Volunteer Day can become an excellent reason to do it.


04.12.2016 That’s How We Visited Kunstkamera!

That’s how we visited Kunstkamera!

We were not just walking, but were playing a real adventure game and filling in outline maps. Imagine children, standing, calculating along the longitudes and latitudes where Indonesia is, and carefully tracing it along the contour with colored felt-tip pens. And then they turn the page, see which exhibits they have to identify, and hurry up to explore the hall.

There were 25 participants of the excursion, including our youth and baby gang, as well as 4 volunteers and 7 parents. Entrance tickets were bought from the donation of the “Spasibo” charity shop, which we are very thankful for. We also appreciate the snacks for children bought by Polina Kukhareva. And our special thanks to Natalia Oreshina for the photos!



03.12.2016 Our Children Will Become Co-authors of a Play!

Coordinator of “Children of Petersburg” Julia Alimova:

“On Thursday we met Mikhail Patlasov, Alina Shklyarskaya and Diana Shikhalieva, they told me about launching a theater project with children of migrants and, of course, they invited our children to participate. According to the idea of the authors, the students of the Theater Academy and professional directors / screenwriters will work for several months with the 14-18 year old teens with migration experience, regardless of their starting expertise and skills, and, by the spring, they will prepare a real performance that will be shown in the Zazerkale Theater. Already this Sunday, on the new stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, a general meeting will be held within the framework of the project.

You know, I have this extraordinary feeling for the second time this year. The first time it was when I suddenly received a phonecall from Upsala Circus offering to take our children to their wonderful place on the Sverdlovskaya embankment, for a whole month. Our children, most of whom have never been in any children’s camp, even a city camp. Even I was really excited to be at this place every time I visited Upsala Circus.

And now our children are offered to take part in a real performance. The play, the organizers of which directed a lot of cool things, including the soulful “Untouchables” with homeless people from “Nochlezhka” shelter and the absolutely terrific “Antibodies”, which should be recommended for viewing to all young people, without exception. The play, which will be shown in Zazerkalie, one of the favorite theaters of my childhood. And here we are, inviting our children for a Sunday meeting. Some kids are very happy when they hear about theater – one girl, Parisoda, dreamt specifically about enrolling into a theater club. I can imagine how surprised she will be when she finds out that this is not a club, but much better. Although no, she will not know, she has nothing to compare with. Others obviously do not understand what to expect, but they promise to come. Let’s see what happens.

If you know some children of migrants from 14 to 18 (inclusive) – tell them about the project, too, please, and invite them to come on Sunday”.