10.09.2017 Circus Ball Walking

As soon as we started our circus trainings, the kids got so excited by the huge circus balls used for walking and exercises. Who could know then that by the end of the summer camp many of our participants will make successful attempts of circus ball walking under the supervision of our trainers! Their dream came true!

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10.09.2017 Meeting of the Volunteers

Discussing the results of the summer camp! So many plans and thoughts on how to improve and develop our activities. Stay tuned!

06.09.2017 Our Friends Invite You

Our friends, “Upsala-Circus”, invite you to a most interesting event – the festival of modern circus and street art, “Balancing”.

The festival includes street art, modern dance, music and video art. On September 9 in Upsala-Circus we will combine all of this at a festival of modern circus and street art, “Balancing”. President of the festival: director and world famous clown Slava Polunin.

Circus teams and street artists from Russia, France, Finland and Estonia will participate in the festival: RACE HORSE COMPANY (Finland), Break The Fight! (Finland), Upsala-Circus (Russia), Academie Fratellini (France) and world slackline champion Tauri Vahesaar (Estonia).

Festival “Balancing”, September 9, 15: 00-20: 00
Uppsala-Circus, Sverdlovskaya nab., 44


05.09.2017 Jump Like a Girl!

One of the aims of our summer camp was to encourage the girls participate actively in sports. Because of the stereotypes in the society many girls think that sport is for boys only. We faced such attitude in our camp, too. We explain and show both girls and boys that these stereotypes are not true. We encourage girls to participate, and the results are quite good.

We want everyone to know that jumping like a girl means doing it really excellent!

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05.09.2017 Magic Face Painting

We want to share photos of our face painting session, presented us by the wonderful Olga and Marina. The children were excited the whole day! If you want to arrange such a holiday for your children, contact the fairies who painted our day with bright colours!


01.09.2017 Presenting Knowledge Day!

Welcome to our official celebration of Knowledge Day. On this day, we honour our dear volunteers, children and their parents as well as school teachers and all those who contribute to raising, enlightening and educating.

At “Children of St. Petersburg”, we believe that education is a universal value. Each child has great potential and it is truly a loss for society and for all of humanity if children can’t realize their potential because they can’t receive a basic standard of education. Each child, wherever they are, has the right to go to school and should not lose this opportunity due to gaps in legislation, xenophobia of society or legal illiteracy of parents.

Hopefully, the day will come when each child in the world will have equal opportunity to learn and develop. Until then let’s bring this dream closer. Join us!