Help for migrant and refugee children

Children of St. Petersburg

Assistance in integration of migrant and refugee children and their families


Children of St. Petersburg have been helping migrants and refugees since 2012. Our mission is to help each child integrate into society, get a school education and have more opportunities for development.

All our classes and activities are free and open to children of any nationality. We strive to create a safe space where children can not only gain knowledge, but also express themselves.

Directions of work: Russian language classes in libraries in different districts of the city, cultural and leisure activities, Youth center, city camps, help with getting to school, counseling on migration issues, family activities, the newspaper “Gul”.

Stories of children

At first, it was hard for the 13-year-old Takhmina to join the team of the summer city camp, but soon she became more confident in communicating with her peers. In Tajikistan, Takhmina graduated from the 7th grade, in St. Petersburg went to the 6th grade, but it is still difficult for her to study, not only because of the lack of knowledge of the Russian language, but also because of the difference in the school programs. Moreover, Takhmina needs to take care of her younger brother. There are more than enough things to worry about, but Takhmina does not give up and attends classes in two libraries!

История Тахмины

By the time Makhliyo came to the first lesson, she had not attended school for half a year. However, Makhliyo brought a notebook where she wrote down Russian words like “cheir” and “no parking” by ear or from street signs and translated them into Uzbek. A very comprehensive dictionary for an 8-year-old girl. Makhliyo lived only with her aunt and uncle and missed her mother very much. But after another six months of intensive study, Makhliyo entered 2nd grade and has become a very successful student. And her mother moved to St. Petersburg.

История Махлиё

Azizbek’s family moved to St. Petersburg in 2013. At first, Azizbek was not used to the new school and the new country. But once, thanks to the summer city camp of “Children of St. Petersburg” in the Upsala Circus, he became interested in circus activities and now dreams of an acting career. More than a year after school lessons, Azizbek is busy training in the Upsala Circus. He already performs on stage! And, of course, he continues to participate in the cheerful city camps of Children of St. Petersburg together with his younger brother.

История Тахмины


We always need volunteers. There are different tasks: to conduct classes of the Russian language and other school subjects, to organize events, to disseminate information and much more.

I want to become a volunteer!


So that we could help even more children, we really need your support.



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